Business Cases

Workadu was built with professionals & small businesses in mind. We offer a customised experience for every business type. We leave nothing to chance.

Car Rentals

We help rental providers offer online bookings, improve their workflow, showcase their services and increase their profits.

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Beauty & Spa

We help beauty professionals and businesses offer bookings at their client's space or their own, advertise their services and manage their busy schedule without fuss.

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Doctors & Clinics

We help medical professionals and institutions schedule appointments, organise their busy schedule and build an effective presence on the web.

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Utility Management

We help maintenance businesses & cleaning crews offer online bookings, showcase their services and remain in total control of their schedule.

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Cleaning Services

We help business offering cleaning services offer online bookings, improve their workflow, showcase their expertise and increase their profits

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Hotel and B&B

We help hotels and B&Bs offer online bookings, manage thier reservations & services in multiple locations and showcase their properties

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