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You are in total control of your schedule

Accept bookings online and synchronise your scheduling app with Google calendar. Manage your staff’s hours and room availability from a single place, and set registration for any period of time. 


A change of plans? Cancelling or modifying a booking has never been easier!

Always stay organised

Set your pricing plan, add offers, define special dates, and auto-repeat weekly pricing policies with a few clicks. Enjoy multiple points of business, issue electronic invoices, keep records of your clients, send booking confirmations, reminders and alerts, all from a single place!

We adapt to your needs

Whatever your type of classes, we got you covered

Gym classes

Workadu helps gyms and training centers accept bookings, automatically assign resources and set their timetable on the fly.

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Yoga classes

Workadu helps yoga centres showcase their work and offer their classes for booking online with predefined availability options.

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Dance classes

Workadu helps dance schools advertise their services on the web and provide online registration of their classes.

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Sport clubs

Workadu helps sports clubs manage their timetable, offer its courts and spaces for booking to members, and allow for online registration or membership renewal.

Universities & colleges

Workadu helps educational institutions manage and edit their timetables, assign rooms and offer course registration online.

Online courses

Workadu helps individuals and institutions schedule the time and price of their online courses and offer them for booking online.


Workadu helps libraries rent their books out both online and manually, while they automatically maintain a complete history of their clients and their bookings.

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