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Manage your website • reservations  properties  pricing and keep everything organised with our hotel booking software.

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Get reservations from multiple platforms

Accept online reservations with only a few clicks from any mobile or desktop device. Add offline reservations manually without disturbing your calendar: new available resources and next availability rates appear on your booking page automatically.


A change of plans? Cancelling or modifying a booking has never been easier!

Your very own Property Management System (PMS)

A hospitality management system with CRM capabilities. Manage an unlimited number of properties with ease. Adjust your pricing for any period of time, add specials and manage your resources.


Keep records of your guests, their payments, and issue instant electronic invoices. Study your reports in order to adjust your business plan accordingly, and much more.

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Car rental

Workadu helps car & moto rentals offer online bookings, improve their workflow and increase their profits.

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Yacht rental

Workadu helps yacht rental companies offer online bookings, organise their resources and improve their workflow.

Bike rental

Workadu helps bike rental companies offer online bookings, organise their resources and build an effective presence on the web.

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Appliance rentals

Workadu allows appliance rental companies to accept online and offline bookings, as well as build and promote their services.

Bridal rentals

Workadu helps bridal shops offer rehearsal slots and bridal rentals for booking online, and organise their business.

Hotel reservations

Workadu helps hotels offer online bookings and special offers, while manage their workflow and resources more effectively.

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Bed & Breakfast

Workadu helps bed and breakfasts offer rooms or multiple properties for online booking, while showcasing their services, amenities, etc.

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